Here at Quayside, we are passionate about quality and sustainability. We see that it is essential to have a fish, and indeed potato, supply that is sustainably sourced, and why wouldn’t we? This is the future of our industry.

Quayside’s Commitment to Sustainable Fish (MSC)

As a longstanding family business, we are particularly focussed on ensuring the future of the fishing industry for the next generation of our customers and for the people who work in our industry. This is why we are proud to have the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) Chain of Custody for all four of our outlets and our catering trailer. Indeed, Quayside was the first fish and chip shop in Yorkshire to become MSC certified.

We are proud to serve 100% MSC certified cod, haddock, prawns and of course, our delicious home-made fishcakes! The MSC certification gives us confidence that the fish we buy is sourced, caught, processed, handled, stored and delivered in the best possible way to ensure our loyal customers get what we think they deserve.

You can see which species are MSC approved by checking our menus for the distinctive blue MSC ecolabel. Visit for further information.

More and more customers are recognising the ecolabel and we often hear them discuss it in the restaurant and look at the board in the take-away with interest.


We would love to serve fish that had been caught fresh in the North Sea and landed into Whitby harbour on a daily basis, but unfortunately, this is simply not possible. Firstly, Whitby market does not land the amount of cod that we would require through the busy seasonal months and we could not guarantee the quantity needed through the winter months. Secondly, our customers demand consistent, sustainable, traceable, high quality, best flavour, well priced fish every time they visit us and we have to respond to this demand.

We are proud to serve cod caught in Icelandic waters and frozen at sea within a few hours of being caught. The cod we serve is all approved by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), as are the trawlers which it is caught on.

We regularly visit our fish suppliers to see first-hand the effort that is put into a well-managed sustainable fishery, and the work being done on the boats to ensure the product reaches us in the best possible condition. Our fish supplier catches cod for us at the right time of year, when the cod is at its best for taste and flavour and only packs our fish when the catch is small and of a mixed size to minimise bruising. The fish is hand graded to ensure that we get only the finest quality. It is then hand cut by us, so that we know our portion sizes are consistent.

Being MSC accredited and using sustainably sourced fish gives us the confidence that the next generations of our family will be able to continue to carry on frying the same great quality fish and chips.

But, it doesn’t stop there. We give the same care and attention to our potatoes, flour and all food products brought into Quayside.

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Learn about our fish

At our Fusco Foundation, classes of up to 50 children can learn all about our fish and potatoes, from the raw product to the fried one, about sustainability and the food chain, Whitby and the local community. An ideal school trip for children up to the age of 11, all programmes end with a champion fish and chip treat.

Kids cooking at Fusco Foundation